Gorillaphi are mighty, glorious creatures with strenght, grace and pungency. It is one of the most aggressive herbivores common found in the forests of Lore. Their favorite food is the bananut. The official plural of gorillaphant is Gorillaphi, many people don't know this and say "gorillaphants". A group of gorillaphi is called a Schnozz. They're scared to death of Furrmen, one furrmen can make an entire Schnozz of gorillaphi go on a rampage. They can't jump, however legend tells that once gorillaphi could fly using their ears, the ears were bigger at that time. They're known to take the nests of vultragons, harpies and even dragons to sleep in them for the night. Gorillaphi are normally very gentle creatures, but if you enter its territory or try to use it as a rug it will hurt you. It can use it's muscular arms to sling its own stool with an amazing speed, it usually does this to mark its territory by hitting unaware heroes. A baby gorillaphant is called an Apecalf. Their increased size makes it hard for them to find enough food, leading to them attacking heroes.