Kitsune before Chaos


Race: Fox
Gender: Male

Kitsune is a Chaos Lord.



He was a peaceful, fox-like spirit, who watched the Island of Yokai. Kitsune was a kind, clever Yokai who was part of the divine protection which guarded Yokai Island from all outsiders, including Chaos. For centuries, Human and Yokai lived in peace. Kitsune and the Emperor of the Island worked as partners-brothers, even-to help ensure a safe haven for all living creatures.


But then one day, the kind Emperor decided to extend the Island's hospitality to the Outsiders of Lore-foreigners, just like the Hero. The people cheered. Kitsune was furious and did not share the same compassion towards the Outsiders. Overcome with anger, Kitsune vowed to do everything in his power to restore Yokai Island back to its secluded sanctuary.


And that's when Drakath appeared. Kitsune's mind became clouded with visions of absolute power, morphing the once peaceful spirit into an epitome of Chaos.

Drakath convinced Kitsune that the only way to "restore" Yokai Island would be to release the great, forbidden Yokai, O-dokuro, from the Rift of Time. The sheer power and terror that would come from summoning O-dokuro would make even the Emperor bow to Kitsune once more. Kitsune became ever stronger with the thought of summoning the great Chaos Beast.


The legendary blade of Hanzamune would be the key to releasing O-dokuro from his prison. And Kitsune knew just how to get it.

With his newfound Chaos powers, Kitsune called to the Emperor and placed him under a spell, rendering the kind Emperor helpless and his mind clouded. With the Emperor now under his control, Kitsune would be able to take the Hanzamune blade without anyone to stop him.

Princess Miko sensed her father's change, even though she was not sure as to what was going on. Fearing the worst, the Princess held the Dragon Koi Tournament in hopes of finding a Hero who could help in this crisis. And that's where the Hero comes in. Kitsune with the Hanzamune Blade will be able to release O-dokuro from the Rift of Time. Once summoned, the O-dokuro will bring destruction to the entire Yokai Island, and not even Kitsune will be able to stop it.

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