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Mrs. von Krieger
Race: Human (formerly)
Gender: Female
Relatives: Husband: Mr. von Krieger
Foster son: Artix von Krieger

Mrs. von Krieger is the foster mother of Artix.

Her foster son Artix has been born and raised in Doomwood, when it used to be a beautiful forest, and it had a different name. Mrs. von Krieger and her husband were killed by Sepulchure's undead army. After their son escaped, Lady Celestia found him and Artix became a Member of The Paladin Order however he can not cast a single Paladin Spell so Artix became an Undead Slayer. Later in The Doomwood Saga, Vordred reveals during the final battle that her son, Artix is The Champion of Darkness, and that he wants to take his place by killing him and its later revealed that The undead invasion that claimed his foster family long ago were trying to reclaim him. After Artix comes back to his home and meets his parents, she is surprised how her little Paladin gotten so big and such a good son. She says once he found us again, he never forgets to visit. She also says her husband and she are so proud of his "BRAAAAAAAAAINS - *cough* I mean, all of the achievements he's attained. Yes, so very proud!". Also she says being Undead really hinders her ability to take care of her boy and that she can't visit him without half the Keep trying to skewer her, "It's enough to make a mother weep!".