Seed SpitterAQ


Seed Spitter (Sputatoris Granumis) are extraordinary earth plant creatures monsters of magic ommonly found in Greenguard Forest, and so they grow in like areas such as the Tower of Magic in Arcangrove. They are plant-based monsters and so use photosynthesis to retrieve its nutrients, and do not require consumption of other creatures due to their nutrient rich environment. Seed Spitters may be pretty to look at, but they dislike oxygen-breathers a LOT (and you, my friend, breathe oxygen). It receives it name from the fact that it spits seeds at his victims. Seed spitters developed their amazing ability to spit seeds as a way to protect their seedlings from predators.


  • The Tower of Magic
  • Arcangrove
  • Across Lore


The Seedspitter has a greenish pigment throughout its roots and body and has yellowish teeth. The Seedspitter stands at about 3 feet tall as an adult and can be very harmful despite its height.


Although they do not eat other creatures for survival they are predacious and territorial so if one invades their space and the Seedspitter sees it as a threat, it will immediately turn hostile and will use its weapons to protect itself.

The Seedspitter is a friendly monster when it comes to other plants because it allows several different types of parasite type plants to use it as a host, but their parasite-host relationship does not harm either party. Seedspitters allow other plants to grow on them in a mutually-parasitic relationship:

  • Deadly Knightshade
  • Paladaffodils
  • Pansies
  • Pretzel Roots
  • Snapdrakes
  • Blood Lilies
  • Jagged Cherries
  • Shard Cabbages
  • Thyme


The Seedspitter’s weapons consist of:

  • It’s enormous teeth which are fundamentally as hard as bone teeth but are made of a hard plantlike material, which it uses to chomp down its prey if need be.
  • Its vine-like whips that sprout from its abdomen which are also very hard but not as deadly.
  • And of course the Seedspitter’s namesake ability, to spit its huge and painful seeds at a high velocity at the threat.


Once a Seedspitter is slain, it can be used for many things across Lore which show how valuable the Seedspitter is. Its willingness to coexist with other flora makes it a popular target for Alchemists and Wizards.

The Seedspitter also has amazing Seeds that can be used for making clothes or bowls. Their shards are also used as food for other creatures. The Seedspitter is very well known in Arcangrove for producing the rare and exquisite Arcane Thread, used by Magic users to create robes and other clothing. Alchemists use the unique qualities and features of Seedspitters to produce their own potions such as Sparrow Blood Potions and Viper’s Blood Potions.

Warning: Although the Seedspitter is idle, it is still very deadly. The Seedspitter is born from a properly-watered and nutrient-nourished seed.