Race: Human
Gender: Male
Relatives: Mother: DreamWeaver
Nieces: Nhia and Nightmare Child
Nephew: Jarren

Sir Ated is a Pactagonal Knight.

In DragonFable he is seen in the Oaklore infirmary laying in bed and it says he looks cut up pretty bad.

When his mother gave her own grandchildren to the SkyPirates as collateral as assurance that she would not betray them. Ated said if the Hero wouldn't get them out, then he said rest assured that he will. Ated says family matters much more than Mother believes. Ated also says his mother drove him to the knights with her selfishness and cruelty. His mother hates him very much.


  • It may be possible that the Sir who appeared in DragonFable laying in bed and looking cut up pretty bad as Sir Rated, was Sir Ated. Since in the Nhia's quest it says "take word to your uncle, Sir Rated, in Swordhaven's Castle!", which says Sir Rated. At the items required for the quest it says "Uncle Alerted x1 - Talk to Sir Ated", the NPC is called Sir Ated too. It's possible Sir Ated and Sir Rated are same people.