Race: Half-Human
Half-Sand Elf
Gender: Male
Relatives: Mother: Unnamed

Zhoom is a Ranger/Bounty Hunter. He is first shown when you speak to the Rebel Fighter. He rides in on a horse and chases down the Rebel in a short tussle. He is known for his strong will and inability to give up. If you are posted as a bounty, he will track you down to no end.

He says he owes the people of Sandsea Oasis Village much. His mother was the last true sand elf, he got his ears from her. Sek-Duat XIV had all sandelfs hunted into extinction, the people people of the village protected him and his mother. Zhoom grew up in The Sandsea. After he lost his mother he had to survive on his own. He says it was an unhappy childhood. He knows of tracking from running from Sek Duat's guards when he was a young half-sand elf on the streets. He had hoped to never return to The Sandsea, but he had to come for money. If you hire him to find someone or something, he will find it, no matter how long it takes or what he must do. In the past he would take on any job but a friend showed him that he must choose his battles more carefully or else innocents may get hurt.

Now he spends his time going between the Sandsea and Battleon, he is in Yulgar's Inn there. His services are still for hire but he trys to spend his time helping the people of the Sandsea. Since the evil Sek Duat XV vanished, he says his life has been happier here, but the great sandstorm uncovered ancient dangers and he must take up his bow again.